About Company

EXIM Limited was founded in 1992 with an aim of complex provision of Ukrainian medical institutions by required medical equipment with subsequent service. EXIM ltd. is the manufacturer of Ultrasound scanners for medical and veterinary application, and an official dealer and supplier of the following companies:

Hologic, Inc., - the leading manufacturer and supplier of mammography and X-ray equipment.
Medical Trophy Trex Corporation - the world leader in production of X-ray Medical equipment and X-ray Dental equipment.
Kodak, USA - one of the leading manufacturer of X-ray films, reagents and equipment for its processing.
CHIRANA-DENTAL, Slovakia - modern, dental equipment of different classes.
ECOM, Slovakia - dental compressors.
AT "Expertcenter"
, Russia - radiation detection equipment.
AT "Aksioma", Russia - endoscopic and laparoscopic equipment.
LOMO Company, Russia - microscopes, endoscopes and tools.

In each sphere our Company has reached certain success through competence and professionalism of the staff.

Our Company participates in different international and local medical exhibitions, that take place not only in Kiev, but also within the territory of Ukraine, where we demonstrate the whole range of sailed equipment.

Company distinguishes by quick reaction while servicing customer's equipment.